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About Lynda Andros-Clay

I am passionate about massage therapy and the benefits it provides for the mind, body, and spirit. That is why after graduating from college with a BS in Psychology and Physical Therapy I decided to continue my education at Massage Arts and Sciences School of Philadelphia and receive my degree and license in Massage Therapy.


I have worked with holistic centers, chiropractors, rehab facilities, spas, hospitals, oncology units, home health, and hospice. I have also completed over 400 hours of continuing education in massage therapy through various accredited programs. I have enjoyed and learned immensely from all of my experiences in the massage field.


With my 15+ years of experience and passion for massage and the healing arts, I continue to grow and learn from it and others. I incorporate these experiences and education into my massage techniques so each massage is unique to each client and their needs.


In my spare time I love to spend time in the mountains, hiking, running, biking, and soaking in the hot springs! I also enjoy volunteering with local nonprofits like GVLT and Girls on the Run.


Whether you are rehabbing from an injury, an oncology patient, pregnant, or just wanting a well-balanced massage I am able to meet your needs and make the massage uniquely yours.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is an ancient form of the healing arts and bodywork, which dates back thousands of years to ancient China and Egypt. Healing touch in these cultures was a powerful art form that could prevent and help cure illnesses, reduce pain, prevent and heal injury, and reduce stress and produce relaxation.


Today we use Massage Therapy with the same intentions, to help prevent, heal, and cure. Healing touch is a powerful complementary and alternative medicine.


Studies have shown that massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension and managing medical conditions and situations that are physical, mental, and emotional.


Below are just some of the many benefits of massage therapy.

  • Relieve stress

  • Relieve postoperative pain

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Manage low-back pain

  • Help fibromyalgia pain

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • Enhance exercise performance

  • Relieve tension headaches

  • Sleep better

  • Ease symptoms of depression

  • Improve cardiovascular health

  • Reduce pain of osteoarthritis

  • Decrease stress in cancer patients

  • Improve balance in older adults

  • Decrease rheumatoid arthritis

  • Temper effects of dementia

  • Promote relaxation

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Help chronic neck pain

  • Lower joint replacement pain

  • Increase range of motion

  • Decrease migraine frequency

  • Improve quality of life in hospice care

  • Reduce chemotherapy-related nausea

  • ...and more










Schedule a Massage

I look forward to showing you the benefits of massage therapy. To schedule a massage in the comfort of your own home, contact me at (215) 432-6969 or fill out the form below.


Having a baby? I'm also a doula!